Mini & Junior Badminton

Kirsty offers a full programme of badminton for children ranging from 4 -16 years old, including during school holidays (junior timetable at bottom of page.) Sessions are structured and fun with the emphasis on learning and improving badminton skills. Everyone should experience badminton at some point in their life as it teaches so many essential life skills, for example:

  • creativity
  • discipline
  • role models
  • meeting new people
  • co-operation and teamwork
  • gain confidence and self belief
  • co-ordination
  • different learning styles
  • balance and movement
  • decision making and problem solving
  • learning to listen
  • staying calm under pressure
  • being adaptable to change

Kirsty has a wealth of knowledge and expertise and wants children to learn through fun and enjoyment whilst offering the opportunity to develop their skills. Her sessions are well planned, energetic and she encompasses all aspects required to play badminton – technical and tactical drills, racket skills, footwork, grips and laws/etiquette of the game. By focusing on the knowledge that underpins the foundations and fundamentals of badminton, it helps maximise players potential to progress to the next level. For young players, the principles of badminton sessions should focus on correct technique and learning how to train rather than on specific performance goals – specialism too early places limitation on players.

Kirsty is committed to engaging and helping her players get the most from their badminton experience. She teaches many students throughout the week who have additional special educational needs ranging from Autism Spectrum Disorder to disabled junior players and she provides an inclusive session by tailoring the needs of the individual and can adapt her coaching style accordingly. This helps to provide a consistent approach to learning, enjoyment and nurturing player development as well as unlock success for all players whether their goal is fitness, fun or performance.

Player Pathway

Once an athlete has developed vital skills through structured coaching, a pathway can be created for the individual to achieve their next goal. Children should experience a fun, but challenging environment underpinned with positive reinforcement to encourage self-motivated, inspired and ambitious athletes. Kirsty recognises talented players with potential and she can create the optimal environment to challenge players at any level, helping them to accelerate their learning and mentor them throughout. Her job is to make players understand how hard they have to work if they are to reach the top.

‘My younger brother and I have been attending weekly badminton sessions at Purbeck for a few years and we both enjoy it thoroughly. Each week consists of a variety of exercises and coaching drills as well as the opportunity to play social matches. It’s the highlight of our week and our game has much improved due to Kirsty’s coaching.’

Jasmine, 16 years old

‘Kirsty has assisted the South West Badminton Association for 14 years on our annual popular residential courses. She has demonstrated a genuine love for coaching and helping others. As a residential Coach, other qualities are fundamental to success and Kirsty has brought a tremendous amount of knowledge and expertise to our courses. A gifted practitioner and communicator she can relate to a wide range of age groups with ease. As Head Coach she planned and delivered successful courses to players whilst mentoring junior coaches at the same time. Our Association has been fortunate to have been able to utilise her many talents.’

John Edwards, South West Counties Badminton Association

Mini Badminton

Mini badminton aims to improve basic motor skills at an early age with a particular focus on FUNdamentals, movement patterns and coordination. Badminton can be easily adapted for younger children with smaller courts, nets, rackets and slower shuttles. Mini Badminton is full of fun and energy and offers the perfect introduction to the sport. 

Junior Badminton

Structured sessions of technical skills and drills, tactical coaching, and matchplay within a fun, friendly environment. For young players, the principles of badminton sessions should focus on correct technique and learning how to train rather than on specific performance goals.

Coaching courses are run half termly – usually six weeks. All equipment is provided, ready to play; however please bring your racket if you have one, along with a drink.

Above all, Kirsty ensures participants are enjoying their time on court and wants to sustain longevity with them continuing to enjoy sport for life.

Dorset Badminton Coach

Kirsty Wilcox
07966 719616