Adult Badminton

Players are the heartbeat of clubs; Kirsty offers several sessions throughout the week, whether you are a regular player or have never picked up a racket before. A fun way to exercise, play with family, meet new friends and improve your fitness through open matchplay sessions or structured coaching sessions of technical skills and drills, tactical aspects, within a safe, friendly environment.
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‘A fun, friendly badminton group in a relaxed environment – I’ve been attending adult badminton at Purbeck Sports Centre for years.’

Louise Philps

‘We found the club to be very friendly from the start. We were impressed with the slick organisation of the evening with every court being used to the full. The most impressive thing was the way in which all abilities are catered for. Kirsty makes sure that during the evening you play with and against a range of people with differing skill levels, with men’s, women’s and mixed games being played. Some of these games are challenging but that’s how improvements are made. Although this is not a coaching club, the help from the more experienced players does rub off and you can see improvements from those who come on a regular basis. There is no over competitive edge to the club, it’s more to do with enjoying yourself rather than winning at all costs. There is no doubt that anyone of any ability will be able to come along, take part throughout the evening and go home feeling they have had not only a good exercise session but also a good night out with friendly like-minded people.’

Steve & Claire Gamble

Even if you have taken up badminton later in life, Kirsty teaches lots of over 70’s and even those into their 80s, who regularly play every week. Playing badminton is great exercise for helping to promote a healthy lifestyle. It improves reaction skills, mental agility, hand eye coordination and helps tactical thinking.

‘To belong to Kirsty’s badminton class is a privilege and a pleasure. Her teaching is excellent and easy to follow. The class I attend is from age 50+ but I would strongly recommend it to all over 70s and indeed 80s. If you have never played before, now is definitely the time to learn.’

Enid MacGregor, 82 years of age

Kirsty offers private tuition & adult coaching courses which are a great way for those who have never played before to learn and pick up some tips before they start attending open sessions. Plus social players can gain confidence & self belief, to refine their skills and to eliminate bad habits. See private tuition page.

Group coaching for league teams and higher level players enhances racket skills, footwork, teamwork, problem solving and broadens tactical knowledge. For more information regarding league badminton in Dorset, please see FAQ page.

Kirsty also teaches Masters badminton players who represent England – playing at the highest level means having an all-round skillset, being able to execute shots with precision and effortlessness, and through guidance, feedback and reflection these factors that will give players the advantage at that competitive level.

Badminton England Link featuring Ashdown open matchplay sessions:

Kirsty strives to facilitate new sessions and enhance the opportunity for everyone to play badminton, but ultimately, she wants to ensure longevity with players continuing to enjoy sport for life. Overall, it is a great social sport for meeting like-minded people and Kirsty can help to improve your skills and grow in confidence.

Dorset Badminton Coach

Kirsty Wilcox
07966 719616