LGBTQ+ Badminton

Promoting diversity, inclusivity & ensuring LGBTQ+ players are supported & involved in badminton opportunities.

We must all play a part in LGBTQ+ inclusion, ensuring LGBTQ+ people are given as many opportunities and as much support to get active. Promoting sport as an inclusive and supportive route to personal growth for everyone, without fear of bullying, being rejected by teammates or concern regarding discrimination.

By getting more players involved in sport and activity, we help unite the movement and make more LGBTQ+ people feel accepted within sport.

Facts about LGBTQ in the UK

  • 43% of LGBT+ people think public sporting events aren’t a welcoming space for LGBT+ people.
  • 11% of LGBT+ people have been discriminated against while exercising or taking part in a group sport in the last year. 28% of trans people have been discriminated against. (Stonewall)
  • 14% of LGBT pupils – including 29% of trans pupils – are bullied during sports lessons.
  • More than 55% of young LGBT+ people had been directly bullied in school. (stonewall report)
  • 73% of youth in one study do not believe that youth sports are a ‘safe and supportive’ place for lesbian, gay and bisexual participants. (out on the fields survey 2015)

LGBTQ+ Sport Network

The Youth Sport Trust supported the creation of and continues to drive forward the LGBTQ+ Sport Network group which brings together organisations working towards LGBTQ+ inclusion in sport.

The group, established in September 2018, meets three times per year and aims to:

  • Work collaboratively to promote LGBTQ+ campaigns and participation opportunities both internally to staff from participating organisations and to the wider community
  • Share experiences and extend best practice in the workplace to ensure that participating organisations (and the sport sector as a whole) continues to embed high quality inclusive practice for LGBTQ+ staff and its membership/customer base
  • Work collaboratively to promote jobs and leadership opportunities to ensure that participating organisations (and the sports sector as a whole) continue to benefit from attracting new LGBTQ+ talented individuals
  • Act as an ‘informal collective network voice’ for participating organisations to further enhance opportunities for LGBTQ+ individuals in sport.

Kirsty strives to facilitate new sessions and enhance the opportunity for everyone to play badminton, but ultimately, she wants to ensure longevity with players continuing to enjoy sport for life. Overall, it is a great social sport for meeting like-minded people and Kirsty can help to improve your skills and grow in confidence.

Dorset Badminton Coach

Kirsty Wilcox
07966 719616